Enabling Previously Introduced Enhancements

To ensure that members are leveraging past updates, we are streamlining the platform to incorporate previously introduced enhancements and auto-enable a number of features. While these features have already been introduced into the platform, they currently live behind a feature toggle within the platform’s backend settings. Upon auto-enabling these enhancements and updated user interfaces, we will also sunset two previous, older user interfaces: Tutor Center and “Old” Appointment Center.

Below is a list of the configurations that will be auto-enabled. By enabling these features, we can ensure that the entire membership is benefiting from the most up-to-date technology. 

The dates these features will be turned on are:

  • Training Site - Friday, May 11th
  • Production Site - Monday, July 16th 

FeatureFunctionalityUser Impact

New Appointment Center*

Updated Appointment Center user interface (accessed via Additional Modes)

Users will only have access to the updated appointment center interface. Old Appointment Center and Tutor Center will be removed.

Coordinated Student Scheduling Workflow*

Streamlined student-facing user interface across both advising and tutoring appointment scheduling, custom student scheduling questions, and weekend scheduling

Students will see the same, updated scheduling user interface, whether scheduling advising or tutoring appointments. Users can now customize questions within student-facing scheduling workflow (students will see default scheduling questions unless otherwise configured). Students will be able to schedule weekend appointments when users have weekend availability (users without weekend availability will not show as options for weekend scheduling).

Appointment Campaign Improvements*

Custom email body, adding attachments to appointment campaigns, and associating appointments to a campaign via the Eligible Appointments tab

Users can fully customize the email body and add attachments to the email that is sent to students within an appointment campaign. Users with access to a campaign can also associate an appointment to the campaign, even if the appointment was not created via the campaign link. They will see the tab for "eligible appointments" within the campaign dashboard and will have the option to associate these appointments to the campaign.

Administration & Permissions Reconfiguration*

Updated user interface and order of settings for the Administration page and User Role permissions

Administrators will see an updated, more intuitive presentation of configurations and permission settings.

Appointment Summary Templates

Configurable appointment summary templates and questions

Appointment summary templates can be created and configured from the Administration tab. One template may be used per user type; tutoring and advising.

*Please reference detailed attachments on these features. 

Appointment Campaign Improvements.pdf

Coordinated Student Scheduling Workflow.pdf

New Appointment Center.pdf

GradesFirst Administration & Permissions Reconfigurations.pdf