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  • Get Advising - Schedule an advising appointment.
  • Schedule a Tutor Appointment - To schedule a tutor appointment for a particular class, click the Schedule Tutor Appt link next to the relevant class.
  • Get Tutoring - Schedule a tutor appointment for a tutoring service.
  • Send Message to Professor - Need to contact your professor? Simply check the box by your class and click the Send Message to Professor button.
  • Request a Tutor Appointment - Need help with a class? Click the Request Tutor Appt link next to the relevant class.
  • Upcoming Appointments - View upcoming appointments without navigating to your calendar.
  • Calendar - View your class schedule, assignments and all appointments that have been scheduled for you. Print your calendar or event list.
  • Conversations - View all of the messages (emails and text messages) sent by you and to you in GradesFirst.
  • Reports - View advising appointment reports, tutoring appointment reports, and other notes.
  • Search - Search for other users in GradesFirst that you have permission to see.
  • Study Hall Information - View your study hall stats for the current week.